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The chiropractors at In Touch Chiropractic utilize CBP or Chiropractic Biophysics technique. CBP is the most researched technique in chiropractic, with over 130 scientific studies investigating different aspects of CBP. CBP technique emphasizes optimal posture and spinal alignment as a primary goal for care. Through a unique form of structural rehab, CBP technique has been shown to improve the alignment of the spine and posture.

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Chiropractor Vancouver BC Ahren Roy


Ahren Roy D.C.

After spending the better half of two decades focusing on learning as much as he could about health, it was all changed with one visit to a Chiropractor.

“It was incredible,” continues Roy. “I’ll never forget that first appointment, in that short appointment I learned so much about how the body functions and heals.

That the Nervous System controls every function in the body and that interference in the Nervous System can lead to not just unwanted symptoms but poor health. That’s when I decided I wanted to be a chiropractor.”

Roy attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa where he further developed his strong appreciation for the human body’s innate ability to heal and rejuvenate itself. Roy graduated as class Salutatorian summa cum laude, receiving awards in both radiology and clinical excellence.

In Touch Chiropractic opened in January 2009. We choose this location because it was centrally located in Vancouver, making it a convenient place for anyone. Further, being located along the Canada Line makes it easy for people to bus or skytrain to reach us, and being in City Square Shopping Centre provides us with great underground parking, making driving to appointments easy. Quite simply, we just love the neighborhood. The people, stores and senior along the Cambie at Broadway make for an awesome community.


Chiropractor in Vancouver, and his team wanted to create an office that provides exceptional care by developing strong relationships with our patients. Our office values are; integrity, excellence, enthusiasm, affection, adding value, connection, personal growth & development and simplicity. The care that we provide is grounded with the principle that our bodies are designed with an innate ability to function, heal and re-create themselves. The master control system in the body is the Nervous system, therefore any interference in the nervous system interferes with the body’s ability to function, heal and re-create. Our primary practice objective is to detect and correct interferences in the nervous system through natural Chiropractic care.


Our purpose at In Touch Chiropractic is to check, educate and adjust as many families as possible, towards optimal health, through natural Chiropractic care. The patients that get the best results in our office are the ones whose value’s are in alignment with our values of; integrity, excellence, enthusiasm, affection, adding value, connection, personal growth & development and simplicity.

Our office has a digital x-ray machine on facility. We operate with paperless office software, helping to reduce our amount of waste. All of our patients are given an office swipe card that is attached to their personal file which helps to decrease their wait times, making each appointment quick and efficient. Call our Vancouver chiropractic office to begin care today!

One of the visions that we have for this office is to provoke people in our local community to look within themselves and realize the potential they possess physically, mentally and emotionally to improve themselves. We want to build a Vancouver chiropractic practice that is committed to improving the lives of individuals of all ages and their entire families. It is our desire to ensure that people who not only need, but are committed to bettering themselves, are given the proper opportunity to do so. As a Chiropractor, the greatest reward is not only to see someone relieved of their pain and suffering, but also to help them achieve their primary health goals; “there are no words to properly describe the feeling I get when I hear from a patient that they have eliminated the need for daily prescription drugs or no longer need to undergo that surgery they were told was absolutely necessary.” Roy’s genuine enthusiasm and optimism towards life allow him to inspire and empower patients to become the greatest version of themselves.

“I consider myself to be an excellent listener and hope to get the opportunity to meet you in person to discuss your specific health challenges. But enough about me…how can we help you through safe and natural chiropractic care? Give our Vancouver chiropractic office a call so we can help you to take that first step towards better health!”


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